Our Client’s Success Stories

Our Client’s Success Stories

Our Client's Success Stories

Interesting video transfers from The Transfer Lab - from 2" Quadruplex

Some of our clients success stories

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Testimonials from the Clients of The Transfer Lab

Brought the DVD copy home to watch and I am amazed how well it looks. Aside from a few dropouts, almost no one else will notice. It seems to be pretty close to its original air quality. Our IT engineer has already uploaded it to our Avid system and said he was impressed with the dub also. I will be sending another 2" tape your way. Our boss just saw the first few minutes of the tape and wants me to go ahead and get the second one dubbed. Thanks again,
Got your CDs. THANKS a bunch! The check will go out tonight.
Thank you so much for your continuing help and expertise with this project. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Again, we are truly grateful for your assistance in preserving and transferring these recordings. We will be forever indebted! Warmest regards,
Just loaded everything into PT sessions...everything sounds killer!!! Thanks for all your help.
I'm glad that I found you! Thanks!!! I got the CDs today. That was a newscast I did when I worked at a Top 40 station here in 1980. It's the first time I've heard it since then. You made my day!
Tonight I've been transferring the .wav files into my Cubase program, and they sound very, very good! Thanks for the great job! I appreciate that you did the transfer in .wav files at 24/96. I have two more tapes I would like to send you for transfer. Thanks again!
Thanks for the superb transfer work. It startled my wife to see my much younger visage on one of the disc. Anyway, thank you again for restoring access to some ancient material of great personal import.
All good, thanks for the super-pro job!
The CDs and tapes arrived Wednesday. By Wednesday night I had transferred them into my iTunes. Today I listened in the car and back at home. They are wonderful, more than I had hoped for. It is something I can circulate with pride among my family. Your skills proved very rewarding to me.
I have been listening over and over, sitting here, and remembering with "Song for John" looked like, with all that mold and I can't believe it sounds like this! I think your rates are incredibly reasonable and I appreciate that. Thanks again for your hard and fast work.
Thank you for the tape transfer! I received the CD today and was surprised at the beginning to hear an 18-year-old me. I could barely remember practicing an accent and lines for a play in my freshman year in college. Did I every REALLY sound that bad? Again, I very much appreciate your help.
Today I received the CDs you made for me. It's a humbling experience to hear one's voice from 40 years ago (at age 13)! The tape blew me away—that's me playing the guitar, but for the life of me I don't have a clue who is singing. What fun to listen to. Thanks for your fine work, Park.

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