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About The Transfer Lab

About The Transfer Lab

The Transfer Lab at Video Park takes old analog video and converts it to digital files. Tapes can come from broadcast networks, religious broadcasters or private individuals. We get tapes from everywhere in different conditions. Most need to be baked and cleaned to make the best possible transfer.

We use the finest old equipment to make the video and audio look like it did when created. It's a battle to keep all the machines running in top form but we have engineering contacts worldwide to help with spare parts and maintenance issues. Take look here on our web site to see all the formats we can transfer.

We are happy to help identify any tapes you may have. Chances are, we have the machines to play it back.

Our quality is high, our prices are very reasonable and we usually beat the competition. Be sure to ask for a price.

Yes, we transfer to DVDs also

Take a look at a short demo below. All material is from 2" Quadruplex, the most difficult format to transfer.

Contact me for all of your video transfer, formatting, and editing needs. Or call 818-535-2747

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