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Transfer of 2" Quad and 1" Type "C" video tapes

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New photos of The Transfer Lab at Video Park

Transfer of audio tape to CD using vintage audio recorders and modern Pro Tools

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Recent Highlights

ESPN/ABC College Football, 2012-13, Park as V1

ESPN Friday Night Fights as Senior Video

On the Red Carpet at the Oscars, 2012

ESPN/ABC College Football, 2011-12, Park as V1

Grand Opening at Disneyland for Star Tours 3-D

The 83rd Academy Awards. Park as Tech Manager again

Park as Senior Video for ESPN/ABC College Football, 2010-11

The 82nd Academy Awards, Park as Tech Manager for KABC

3-D checkout at Sweetwater for Academy Awards

ESPN Red Bull jump in Long Beach New Year's Eve

ESPN on ABC College Football 2009

Restoring an Ampex VR-1200B Quad VTR - YouTube clips

The Village Recorders and American Idol for Disney World

World Basebal Classic for ESPN

The 81st Academy Awards for KABC-TV, 2009, Park as Tech Manager

The Martin Luther King Parade for KABC-TV, Los Angeles

Park as Senior Video Operator of ESPN on ABC College Football 2008

John McCain and Barrack Obama at Saddleback Presidential Forum - Park as Video Op

Some more Disney shoots

Baton Rouge Video Park demos on YouTube

80th Academy Awards KABC-TV programs - Park as Engineer-in-Charge

Park as Senior Video Operator for abc and ESPN football 2007-2008

Fun in the Summer of 2007

Projekt Revolution with Linkin Park, Summer '07 national tour

Fall Spring 2006-2007 re-cap

79th Academy Awards in Hollywood as Engineer-in-Charge for KABC-TV

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - EIC/Senior Video

Spring/Summer 2006 re-cap

A story about the Gates Radio Company

The 2006 Academy Awards - KABC-TV Technical Management

Behind the Scenes video of Roseanne's "Calling All Kids" new DVD

Monsters, Inc. Grand Opening at DCA

Dec 05 thru Jan 06 highlights

ESPN Senior Video, Fall 2005

High Definition camera shootout at KABC-TV

ESPN X Games Eleven Operations/Technical Manager of "X Center"

Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Celebration, technical management

"An Evening At The Academy Awards" 2005, technical management

Roseanne Barr Music Videos, creative and technical contributions

2004 World Series in St. Louis, ESPN Senior Video

Spike TV "The Club" Reality TV show from Las Vegas, technical supervision

Metallica's 2004 European Summer Tour, Senior Video

2004 Emmy Awards

Clay Aiken HD shoot Senior Video

Lee Ritenour HD production Senior Video

"Healthy U" production Senior Video

Disneyland Resort's Tower of Terror production

"An Evening at the Academy Awards" 2004

Snow White stage show at Disneyland

Oakley fashion show

My Life is a Sitcom, Video Control

Rose Bowl 2004 and ESPN's College GameDay Senior Video

The 100 Greatest Standups of All Time on ComedyCentral Senior Video

Telemundo and Tower of Terror

Disney Christmas Parade taping, 2003 Senior Video

The American Music Awards, 2003

Video Control for HDTV commercial shoots for Disneyland

Tommy Chong shoot at FMHT, August, 2003

Michael Jackson and Neverland Ranch

Technical Supervisor for abc Fall Preview Weekend, "Casting Call" and "Reality Check" at Disney's DCA

Technical Supervisor for Fox's "Love Trance"

V1 for Disneyland Tom Sawyer's Island commercials

EIC, V1 of KABC "Sports Zone" for 2003-2004 Monday Night Football

EIC, V1 of KABC "Sports Zone" 2003 national playoff shows for hockey and basketball

Director and technical director of "Perfect Mate Casting Call", Super Soap Weekends, June 2003, Disney's California Adventure

Video Control for KABC Cinco de Mayo taping, 2003

Technical design and construction for "The 5th Wheel" New York bus for the 2003/04 season

Technical Supervision for the Grand Opening of the Pooh Bear attraction and Playhouse Disney

Technical Direction and Supervision, Roseanne Barr's "Domestic Goddess" ABC Family television series

V1, Boston at Anaheim, National League Baseball, ESPN, 4/27/03

The 2003 Academy Awards

Dick Clark's "Rockin' New Year's Eve", 2003, Technical Director and Video Control for Disneyland DCA segments

"Disney's Christmas Parade" National Broadcast, Video Control for Eisner and Aladdin segments

American Idol 2, Fall 2002, Video Control

Baseball World Series, 2002, Video Control for ESPN

KABC "Monday Night Live", Fall 2002, EIC and Video Control

World Harvest Ministry, Columbus, Ohio, Video Control and EIC

"Bug's Land" at Disney's California Adventure Grand Opening, Post Production Engineering

ESPN's "Unscripted with Chris Connelly", Fall 2001-Summer 2002, Engineer-In-Charge

Roseanne Barr's Internet Talk Show, Technical Director

ESPN's "Up Close", Winter-Summer 2001, Engineer-in-Charge

EarthshipTV web project, James Cameron's "Ghosts of the Abyss" Titanic project, Summer 2001, Technical Director

Disney's Electrical Parade Press Event, Disneyland Resort, July 2001, Engineer-in-Charge

National Television Syndication, "5th Wheel", First Season, Fall 2001, Technical Director

Avid Symphony and Digital Betacam editing bays design and installation for
Full Moon & High Tide Productions, Roseanne Barr, May 2001-June 202, Chief Technical Officer

Touchstone Films, Motion Picture Premiere, "Pearl Harbor" in Hawaii, May 2001,
Technical Director of Worldwide Satellite Feeds

UPN's "Chains of Love", First Season, Spring 2001, Technical Director

Disneyland Resort, Grand Opening of "Disney's California Adventure",
February 2001, Technical Director of Worldwide Satellite Feeds

CBS's "Big Brother" First Season, Summer 2000, Technical Supervisor, Post

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DTV DVD compression, HDV, mini DV,

Park Seward, Hollywood, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Orange County, Disneyland, Sony camera, audio video control, tape digital component analog editing Big Brother, HDTV, high definition, CBS studio, television, technical supervision

DTV DVD compression, HDV, mini DV,

Park Seward, Hollywood, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Orange County, Disneyland, Sony camera, audio video control, tape digital component analog editing Big Brother, HDTV, high definition, CBS studio, television, technical supervision