One house. Ten strangers. 100 days. 28 cameras. 60 microphones. Every moment captured on video. No contact with the outside world. No luxuries. Who will outlast the others to win $500,000? You will decide.

I was Technical Supervisor, Post Production for the first season of the CBS Network show, "Big Brother",
working under the famous Gene Crowe.
I helped build and operate the technical side of the post facility for the series.
Sony did a great job as System Integrator. Sharp people, good equipment.
We are scheduled to air FIVE nights a week for three months!
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Bungalow 23 on the CBS Studio City North parking lot where we'll do the post for the series. Inside, a lot of boxes for Don to check out.

We have three non-linear DNE bays and one on-line bay to install and adjust.
We are mastering to Betacam SX in the house and editing to Digital Betacam for final assembly.

Some of the many camera windows under construction around the Big Brother house.

One of the Sony 950 cameras on a "hot head". The living room with "test" furniture. They decided on off-white sofas.

The two audio control stations using Mackie digital boards to control ProTools.

One of the two camera shader positions in Master Control and one of the five Sony d35 triax cameras inside the camera cross.

The Big Brother House under construction on the North parking lot of CBS Studio Center.

The Big Brother opening show taped on the 4th of July.  The crowd saying goodby to the house guests.

Jordan gets banished on 8/2/00 and runs to her boyfriend waiting outside the gate.

The jib getting ready to go on air and my network credit shown five times a week.

Karen outside the House hugging her daughters on 8/16 and the famous pug "Miss Chiquita" with Shane, one of the story editors.

The Sweetwater production truck with two cameras taking a low shot when talent sits down.

The opening off the show and Brittany entering the studio on 8/30, her banishment day.

A hug for Britanny and Park with Jamie on her Banishment Day.

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