Our Equipment


Ampex 351 full-track mono tube

Ampex 440B-2 Stereo

Ampex 440B full-track mono

Ampex 440B-4 track 1/2”

Ampex MM-1100 16 track

Ampex MM-1200 24 track

Revox A-77 Stereo

Otari MX5050  1/4” 4- track




Digidesign Pro Tools

Apple Soundtrack Pro

Click Repair


1/4" Full-Track or Half Track at 1-7/8, 3-3/4, 7.5, 15 ips and 30 ips.

2” 16-24 track at 15 and 30 IPS


1/4" quarter track: Stereo or 4-track

1/2” four track at 7.5 and 15 ips

NAB broadcast audio cart, mono or stereo

Audio Cassette: mono, stereo or 4-track

Alesis ADAT XT 20 bit

DAT with Timecode

Transfer/Storage Tips

1.Store in cool, dry place

2.Don’t touch tape with your fingers

3.Store vertically, not flat

4.Store inside box

5.Secure tape ends

6.Acclimatize tapes before use

7.Don’t clean tapes unless you know what you are doing

Our Audio Recorders


Saving History

Since the late 40's, many miles of audio tape have been recorded. Most of that tape is still in playable condition, depending on how it was stored.

But that tape will not last forever.

We take your analog audio tape and restore it by transferring to a digital medium, using vintage and completely restored professional audio recorders and modern Digidesign Pro Tools software.

For audio restoration and noise reduction, we use Apple's Soundtrack Pro and other software.

Your tape is custom edited, equalized, noise reduced, compressed and/or limited, depending on the material and your needs. We then make a CD, DVD or other type of computer file for you.

If your audio tape is exhibiting the Sticky-Shed Syndrome (SSS), we can bake your tape to eliminate the problem before transferring. (Many tapes made in the 1970s exhibit this problem)

Warning: playing your old tapes on substandard equipment may damage them! Or tape that has not been properly conditioned for playback may be destroyed!

Inexpensive transfer services do not have the budget to get the best audio from your material. They can’t afford to spend the time needed to do it right and they don’t use professional equipment.

Our services have been used by families wanting to hear tapes made at home in the 50s through the 70s. Some of the tapes contain voices of long lost relatives that are a joy for the current generation to hear.

We’ve successfully done many professional recordings that need to be re-mixed or preserved to digital files.

We specialize in the following formats:

1/4" Full-Track or Half Track at 1-7/8, 3-3/4, 7.5, 15 ips and 30 ips.

1/4" quarter track stereo or 4-track at the above speeds.

16 track 2” at 15 and 30 ips.

NAB broadcast audio cart, any size, mono or stereo

Audio Cassette: mono, stereo or 4-track.


WAVE, AIFF, SDII, mp3 files

If you have an unusual format, no problem. We have contacts around the world able to process most any audio or video format. Please contact us for more details.





Since 1982